Audit OneDrive Permissions With SharePoint Permission Analyzer

Turns out that this great tool works on user OneDrive FOr Business (OD4B)  as well and can be combined with the new easy administrative OneDrive Access and some PowerShell to provide quick views of the permissions an individual user’s OneDrive. If you aren’t familiar with the excellent SharePoint Permission Analyzer (SPA) then you might want to

low bandwidth wan or lnternet connection tips for ssharepoint

Using SharePoint With A Low-Bandwidth WAN or Internet Connection

SharePoint was generally designed to facilitate the mid-size business or larger departments, along with Microsoft Exchange, Skype and Office applications. With the exploding popularity of Office 365, the usage of SharePoint has increased in smaller organizations, non-profits, and other previous types of users that have traditionally been non-SharePoint users. Using SharePoint can be very beneficial,


Cloud Success Factors & ROI

Learn why so many businesses are finding success in the cloud and the associated ROI that they have experienced through statistics, from AscentPath. Click Here to Embed Cloud Success Factors & ROI Image into your website


Office 365 Planner Preview and Features

Attention Admins Microsoft started rolling out their preview of the new Office 365 application “Planner” on Monday to First Release participants. While many still have yet to hear about this awesome new project management tool, others have been (im)patiently awaiting this release. The following Office 365 subscriptions are eligible for the First Release of Planner:


Windows 10 Upgrade From Windows 7

In the case of a lot of our clients, the Windows 10 download popup has been tugging at their attention and begging for their click. However, we advise most clients to take a step back and wait until we’ve had the chance to explain some of the changes before they download the shiny new operating


Cyber Security: 8 Easy Tips to Prevent Hacking

How to Prevent Getting Hacked? Corporate hacking has never been more prevalent. Using social media, sending e-mails, checking your balances…doing anything that requires your personal information can endanger your security. Even large retail stores like Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels have struggled with cyber security attacks. Fortunately, no matter the size of your company, you


Best Virus Protection for Mac OS X

Believe it or not, Macs need antivirus too! Though most people don’t think so, there are plenty of vulnerabilities in OS X that need to be protected from viruses and malware. While OS X offers XProtect, there are often times when antivirus is additionally recommended or even required in some cases. As part of our


PointSwitch Extension for SharePoint

SharePoint’s mobile view is simple, fast, and reliable. Unfortunately, until now, there was no way to enable this view on demand unless you were on a mobile device. Until now… Introducing PointSwitch for SharePoint on Office 365, by AscentPath. This extension allows you to toggle SharePoint’s useful mobile view on and off, at your convenience using a single


Timesheet & Expense Tracking SaaS: A Comparison

In late August, we began looking for a new time and expense tracking system for one of our clients who was previously using Freshbooks. Our priorities were finding a web interface that could provide just the right amount of detail without being over-simplified and an application that allows users to painlessly document time and expenses spent on


Machine Learning: An Overview for Non-Techies

Until recently, I felt the same way toward machine learning as I feel towards engineering: amazement coupled with utter confusion as to what it entails. Having learned about Azure Machine Learning’s contributions to the medical field, machine learning had me curious. What is it really, and what can it do? What is Machine Learning? The