IT Management & Strategy Consulting


Our experts will assess your IT environment to simplify infrastructure, reduce cost, maximize value and eliminate headaches. We align the best technology with your business processes to minimize the risk and eliminate productivity-killing disruptions while reducing overhead.


IT Modernization Assessments

Technology changes fast.  Is your business keeping up?  Let our team of technology experts do a full assessment of your company and IT environment. We can align your business, employees, and the unique value you bring to the marketplace with modern IT solutions to leverage the power of cloud computing, propelling your business forward. Contact AscentPath to schedule your assessment.

Ask us how we can apply the cost of your assessment towards future services.

IT Portfolio Review

We’ve evaluated hundreds of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for our clients; identifying and implementing the best-value solutions across a vast set of applications and platforms. We partner with cloud vendors that can deliver faster, better user experiences to your employees.
We can help modernize your:

    • EmailRisk-Assessment-IT-Strategy-Consulting
    • AntiVirus
    • Device Management
    • Backups
    • File Storage &Management
    • and more!


General IT Management & Strategy Consulting

AscentPath can provide a solution that reduces costs, improves operational flexibility, and significantly reduces risk while delivering capabilities that users love. Present us with a challenge, and we’ll find a solution.

Struggling with an IT strategy challenge? Contact us today.

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