Microsoft Infrastructure Technologies

AscentPath helps businesses achieve maximum benefit from Microsoft technologies, leveraging on-premises and cloud storage solutions to deliver high ROI to your business.



The process begins with an assessment of the current technology infrastructure and the business goals and then moves on to a financial analysis of alternatives. AscentPath collaborates with you, our client, to consider the short and long term benefits of each option, including tangible and intangible differences. Once a decision has been made, AscentPath develops a roadmap for reaching the desired outcomes. The roadmap will explain the process for designing, implementing, customizing, managing and supporting the chosen solutions.

Managed with project management principles, the process ensures communication between you, the client, and AscentPath, the technology partner, allowing AscentPath to serve as your trusted advisor the entire way through. AscentPath only recommends solutions that offer a high ROI, working with its values in mind throughout the process.

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