Shirl Nelson | President & Chief Operating Officer at The Aurelius Group
AscentPath and Office 365 are very much a part of our success story. They have enabled us to set up teams quickly and empower them with tools they need to be successful. By avoiding large upfront costs we’ve had much more flexibility. AscentPath did a great job rolling the platform out and continues to help us get more out of it every day.
Chris Fay | Executive Director of Homestretch
Homestretch LogoThe server crash was a disaster. We thought we had lost everything! Case files, progress reports, donation records, grant reports, and financial records were on that server. On top of that, we lost the ability to send and receive email. It was almost like having the plug pulled on our operations. You don’t know how much you rely on email and the internet until you lose it. Thankfully, AscentPath was able to get us back up and running. And we were absolutely amazed at how quickly they were able to do that.
Heather Kourcklas | Golden Gait Consulting
As a small business owner, someone who prefers working with Apple products and someone who is not very IT savvy, I needed an IT company that would not only be able to service my growing company's IT needs, but a company that has the patience to work with a client who needs some hand holding. Adding to that, I also had a requirement that my IT team be knowledgeable in Apple products and Microsoft products. Ascent Path has met and exceeded my expectations without question. They’ve made my life so much easier by migrating my company to Microsoft 365, handling all my onboarding needs and dealing with the day to day IT issues that I had been struggling with for the past year. They even made a trip to my home one afternoon to look (and fix) my internet issue. They are incredibly responsive to each and every question and issue (big or small), without fail. They have gone above and beyond to make sure I don’t lose productivity by being responsive even in the evenings and on the weekends. AscentPath is a team of young, professional and “happy” entrepreneurs who obviously love what they do and are such a joy to work with. Knowing that I’m the smallest client that they have, it's amazing how they can always make me feel like I’m the most important!
JB Haller | Chief Executive Officer, US Inspect
[AscentPath’s] attention to comprehensive planning, user engagement, and training really paid off. It’s just the beginning of our transformation plan, but we are already seeing measurable results. Thanks to Office 365 and AscentPath, we’re off to a great start.
Shirl Nelson | President & Chief Operating Officer at The Aurelius Group
Leveraging our investment in Office 365 allowed us to do something that, as a small company, we never could have afforded to do from scratch. We were able to develop custom cloud-based, solutions, tailored to our proprietary process for pennies-on-the-dollar that it would have cost to build otherwise. 
Rob Gauthier | Owner & CEO, The Aurelius Group
Based on my previous experience I was amazed and pleased by how quickly we could be up and running with so many tools at our disposal. The cost was also very reasonable, and the subscription model saved us from any big up-front IT investments. It was great for a young company and allowed us to easily scale as we grew.